Former Deputy Interior Minister, Veaceslav Ceban, and his wedding godson, customs officer, Stanislav Caraman, will be tried for influence peddling. The Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office completed the criminal investigation and sent the case to court.

According to the prosecutors, in May this year, Ceban's wedding godson claimed 20,000 euros from the wife of a man, accused of manufacturing bankcards and putting them into circulation. The customs officer claimed he could exercise influence on the criminal prosecution body and prosecutors through his godfather, and persuade the prosecuting authority to close the criminal proceedings and shelve the case. Thus, Stanislav Caraman received 12,000 euros, telling the woman that this money was intended to remove the arrest from the apartment and change her husband’s measure of preventive arrest.

Later in June this year, Caraman extorted  another 60,000 euros from the suspect, pretending to have influence, through his godfather, on some prosecutors, who would issue a decision to close criminal prosecution against him and shelve the criminal case.

As the suspect did not have that amount claimed, it was agreed that the money would be transferred in two installments of 45,000 euros and 15,000 euros. Thus, on 24 June, under the control of the criminal investigation body, Caraman, received a part of the money claimed, namely 30,000 euros.

Veaceslav Ceban, and his wedding godson, have fully recognized their guilt and have asked for the case to be examined in a special proceeding. If found guilty, the two risk 7 years of imprisonment or fines of up to 300 thousand lei.

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