Former director of the Center for Forensic Medicine, Ion Cuvsinov, current deputy director of the Center, Andrei Padure, and a forensic expert will be tried for acting ultra vires. They are accused of having rigged the auction for the procurement of DNA equipment for a forensic laboratory and of damaging the state budget by almost 10 million lei.

According to the prosecutors, the purchase of equipment, which would allow making conducting genetic tests in the Republic of Moldova, was entrusted to the director of the Center and the amount of 9.7 million lei was allocated to the Center for this purpose. Subsequently, the public procurement working group was set up, which had to select the company that will supply the genetic equipment.

Thus, in the period of June - August 2013, the expert of the Center for Forensic Medicine allegedly assured a Romanian company that he would favor it in the tender for the procurement of equipment, needed for the DNA laboratory. Following the negotiations, it was decided to develop the specification in such a way that the parameters and technical specifications of the requested equipment coincided with those of the medical equipment to be proposed by the Romanian tenderer. Subsequently, an auction was settled by favoring the Romanian trader.

Although the decision makers of the Center for Forensic Medicine knew that the equipment concerned was not sufficient to operate a laboratory of legal genetics, it was purchased for the amount of 9.7 million lei. It has also been established that the technology to be applied by this laboratory had not been not validated by the International Human Identification Society (HID) and without the validation procedure, the laboratory could not be accredited and the results obtained would be null and void.

If found guilty, the three suspects risk from 6 to 10 of imprisonment with the deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions, or to practice certain activities for a period of 10 to 15 years. Similarly, they will be obliged to pay court expenses in the amount of 67 thousand lei.

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