The officers of the Internal Protection and Anticorruption Service and the prosecutors of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, arrested yesterday morning, December 21st, four people from Balti, who are under criminal investigation for influence peddling.

One of the four suspects tried, along with three other suspects, to influence the decision makers in law enforcement authorities from Balti, in order to escape criminal  responsibility. He is being investigated for allegedly hitting, an employee of the Police Inspectorate from Balti, in October 2016, causing injuries.

Following the criminal investigation, it was established that a lawyer is also involved in this case, who at the time of the offence served as the head of Falesti Court. The lawyer tried to influence the decision makers from Balti Prosecutor’s Office, to remove the suspect from the criminal investigation.

IPAS’ public relations service informs that the four suspects are detained for a period of 72 hours, being placed in remand for preventive detention. The lawyer is investigated at large, having the status of a suspect.

A criminal investigation was initiated on this case under the Art. 326 p.11 and 2 of the Criminal Code of Moldova (influence peddling).

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