The head of North Customs Bureau, Igor Tropotel, has been detained for 72 hours on suspicion of abuse of office. He ordered to his subordinates to create impediments to an economic agent importing unprocessed wood from Ukraine. The detention occurred following several searches of his office and place of residence, conducted on Wednesday, August 9. 

According to the NAC, the economic operator had been subjected to additional harsh checks, being obliged to pay unfair customs duties, even if the agent was on the list of large taxpayers, benefiting from a facilitated customs regime. Thus, even if the economic agent was on the green corridor, at the order of the head of North Customs Bureau, he was transferred to the red corridor, which implies a rigorous control. Even so, additional checks did not reveal any irregularities or other deviations, which indicated an intentional harassment of the economic agent.

As a result of the illegal actions of the customs officers, the economic agent had to return the goods to Ukraine, which is why the state budget did not receive the customs payments that could be paid and the company was injured by about 200 thousand lei.

Law enforcers have initiated a criminal case in this respect. If found guilty, Igor Tropotel will be liable to a fine of over 100,000 lei, or to 2 to 6 years of imprisonment, in both cases with the deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions, or to exercise certain activities for a term of 5 to 10 years.

We remind you that Tropotel appears in another case, initiated on the fact of negligence he had committed. The case was sent to court and, even if prosecutors demanded his suspension, the Customs Service dismissed the accuser's action and the defendant continued his professional activity. 

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