During the period June 22 to August 23 this year, Internal Protection and Anti-corruption Service of the Interior Ministry conducted an action against the phenomenon of active corruption exerted on employees of the National Patrol Inspectorate of GIP of MIA.

The press service of the Interior Ministry communicated that IPAS officers in collaboration with NPI employees managed during this period to document 12 cases of corruption of patrol inspectors by drivers, on which were initiated protocols on offense.

Following denunciations received by the IPAS, to the specialized anticorruption  phone line of MIA with the short number1520, police patrol informed in real-time the IPAS employees about corrupt behavior of drivers, especially in cases where they would propose financial form of bribes, to shirk responsibility, have no reports written and not to obtain appropriate penalty points.

These cases were taken under control immediately by operative groups composed of criminal investigators and investigation officers of the IPAS, that traveled to the site to document the actions of active corruption committed by drivers.

Financial resources submitted as bribery consisted of amounts from 100 to several hundred MDL, and in some cases even as currency.

The size of the bribe was previously set by the driver, depending on the seriousness of the violation in co-report with the amount of the fine provided for the it.

Therefore, the IPAS prosecution department of MIA there were initiated 12 criminal cases against drivers who have offered bribes. It is currently managed by Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office.

For such crime, the Criminal Code provides a punishment of imprisonment of up to six years with a fine of up to 4.000 conventional units.

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