Anticorruption prosecutor's office has reported about the arrest of a judge of the court Drochia suspected of passive corruption.

The investigation in this case was initiated on February 15 on the basis of the complaint of the citizen of Moldova, living in Italy. She appealed against the judge's actions aimed at soliciting and receiving money.

According to the materials of the case, in April 2010, the judge held a consultation on ways and means claim to proprietorship that was the basis of the conflict between the applicant and her partner.

During the consultation, the judge told to the woman that will help to return the property and will provide an opportunity to initiate a civil case. For the «consultation» the judge requested and received 200 euro.

During the next meeting the judge told to the woman that he reviewed the case and want to decide in her favor, in exchange for 6 200 euro.

In April 2014, the amount was transferred from Italy to the judge, and the money has been received by him in the bank.

In November 17, 2014 as a result of the revision of the above-mentioned conflict, the judge decided that the woman gets the ownership of 75.26% of the property value. The judge, however, didn’t disclose the fact of arrest of property. To resolve this issue, the judge asked the woman another 1 000 euro.

On the same day, the Anticorruption prosecutor's office ordered to conduct special investigative measures, was inconclusive and recorded a conversation in which the judge confirms the receipt of the money he extorted from a woman to settle the matter in the performance of official duties.

The operation took place last night, the judge arrested previously for 72 hours. He was placed in the pretrial detention center of National Anticorruption Center.

The investigation leads the Anticorruption prosecutor's office. 

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