Two Moldovan lawyers have been convicted for traffic of influence and bribery. According to prosecutors, the first case occurred in June 2014 when a lawyer from the Riscani sector Bar Association extorted from a prisoner, convicted of human trafficking, the amount of 4500 euro.

In exchange for money, the lawman promised to influence the magistrates to issue a favourable decision in respect of the prisoner. As a result of special investigative measures, the lawyer was caught red-handed, immediately after receiving the first tranche of 1,500 Euros.

For his deed the lawman was sentenced to a criminal fine amounting to 3000 lei, with the deprivation of the right to act as a lawyer for 3 years. 

In the second case, it is about a lawyer from Chisinau who in April 2015 demanded and received bribe from one of his clients. The lawman would have requested 1,200 Euros from the denouncer, who was charged of driving while being drunk. In return he promised the drunken driver that can make law enforcement officers to terminate the prosecution and apply an administrative offence sentence regarding him.

Recently, the lawyer has been sentenced to pay a fine of four thousands lei for the charges brought by prosecutors.

In both cases the sentences can be appealed according to the law.

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