In 2009 Violeta Ivanov who just became a Member of Parliament declared the profit in amount of 125 thousands lei, which was her official salary. However, seven years ago she was as well an owner of a building area and an apartment which were declared only in 2012.

According to investigation published by Ziarul de Gardă in her income tax return for 2012 she also declared a motorcycle “BMW F650” made in 1999 and purchased in 2008. A year later Violeta Ivanov declared the salary in amount of 156 thousands lei as well as 18 thousands lei earned by her husband who was employed by sole proprietorship “Ionel-Ivanov”, and an automobile ”BMW 730” which was purchased the same year.

Taking all of this in consideration, journalists of Ziarul de Gardă highlighted that the chosen of people was concealing her profits for many years in a row.

Luxury life exposed by the daughter of deputy in her social network pages

While Violeta Ivanov declares in her tax return that the only income she has is her official salary, her younger daughter, Margarita, does not live on a breadline. Instead she’s publishing in social networks a number of photos with luxury cars and brand clothes. For example, she posted a photo of Jaguar and written down beneath: “A perfect gift. Welcome home, baby!”


Not only expensive cars, but the brand clothes also ignite the heart of 17-years old lady. According to journalists of the clothing displayed on the photo below worth 2600 Euro.

Margo Ivanova.pngSource:

Margarita Ivanov also own a sumptuous house in Chisinau

When mass media published the photo of Margarita Ivanov, Violeta Ivanov made a check back. She made a statement to the press that: “The photo of the car is just a nice picture – the child liked it and posted it. It doesn’t mean she owns it. In reality, everything I own is clearly stated in my tax return and I do not own any luxury cars, yards or houses. I live in a high-rise, in an apartment”.

However, the papers show a different picture. Namely, in 2008 Margarita’s grandfather, Vasile Ivanov, donated her a construction area of 66 square meters. This area is located on Bisericii Street, Buiucani district. Right now there’s a luxury house being constructed on it.

At the moment Ivanov family owns in Chisinau two land parcels which are used as parking lots as well. Ziarul de Gardă also mentions that these lots cost 20 lei per day paid to Chisinau City Hall.

Response of Violeta Ivanov: “This dirt doesn’t stick to me”.

Violeta Ivanov is advocating herself. She made a statement for ProTV saying that all the information published in media is a part of disparagement campaign.

I want to address to everyone who is in charge of these news made to misinstruct publicity, to harm my image, to bedraggle me: this cannot be done. I was a minister, I was checked, controlled, and don’t you believe that this dirt will stay on me. The dirt doesn’t stick to me.

Violeta Ivanov1.pngSource:

Violeta Ivanov became a Member of Parliament in 2009 being one of PCRM lists, and she was one of 13 communists who announced their dissociation with the party in December 2015. Furthermore, in January 2016 she voted, along with PD, PL and several ex-liberal-democrats, for presidential candidacy of Filip.

Together with ex-colleagues Ivanov was accused in accepting a bribe for her vote.

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