A resident of Leova, aged 61, was detained by officers of the South Territorial Directorate of the NAC and anticorruption prosecutors on suspicions of influence peddling.

According to the informer, the man had claimed and received 1000 euros, saying that he can influence a prosecutor of Leova Prosecutor General’s Office. According to him, the prosecutor could cease the prosecution of the informer with respect to his drunk driving.

The person detained worked as a driver in the Prosecutor General’s Office of Leova District. He was caught in the act of committing the offense, upon receipt of money, passed under the control of the NAC.

He was recognized as a suspect and detained for 72 hours. The preventive measures with respect to him are to be decided yet.

A criminal case for influence peddling was initiated in this respect.

If found guilty, the man faces imprisonment of up to 6 years, or a fine of 200 000 lei.

Recall that two lawyers, one from Chisinau and one from Drochia, have been recently detained for influence peddling.

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