Recently were published conflicting financial reports of MoldGRES, a company located in Transnistria. The reason of the strange phenomenon-increasing profits of the whole company while the revenues descrease is, according to experts, the firm-intermediary «Energocapital».

Let’s examine the details.

молдова-приднестровье.jpgMoldova buys electricity in Transnistria. Until 2015 the contracts were concluded directly with MoldGRES. In 2015 another company- «Energocapital» appeared in the scheme. Its offer was less than the MoldGRES one. According to the rules, Moldova was obliged to sign a contract with it. The interesting thing is that the «Energocapital» buys energy from MoldGRES and thus seem to be working at a loss.

More detailed: «Energocapital» receives gas from «Tiraspoltransgaz» and transmits it to the processing to MoldGRES. And there is the loophole for money laundering. The expert of the Institute of European Policies and Reforms, economist Sergei Tofilat explains: «In Transnistria the cost of electricity has never been formed bazed upon the self-cost. They have a free gas. Therefore the price for the Republic of Moldova (RM) is determined by market conditions – compairing Ukrainian and Romanian offers. «Energocapital» pays only for the processing of gas into the electricity, adds the gas component and sets the price bazed on market conditions».  The difference that form the profit is between 3 and 5 cents.

«Energocapital» is registered in the offshore, by Hong Kong and Belize founders. The Supreme Council of Transnistria considers that the company owner is the President Evgheny Shevchuk. Even if he is not the owner, he is closely associated with it.

The license of this company was issued by the Agency for Energy Regulation of Moldova. The contract was concluded with a firm «Energocom», controlled by the Ministry of Economy. Both of these structures, in turn, are controlled by the Democratic Party of Moldova, in other words by the businessman Vladimir Plahotniuk.

1421239093_gres.jpgThere is an impression that all these deals are a part of a large state business, which affects the ordinary people. People were promised to cut the electricity tariffs. Promises were not fulfilled, and the difference, that gas component, went to companies involved in the dubious scheme.

According to experts, the authorities of Transnistria and Moldova keep intentionally the conflict «frozen», because this is an excellent baze for withdrawing money.

There are big amounts involved in the scheme, now Thansnistria can not find them in its budget and risks a devaluation.

Sergey Tofilat noted that a report  about all these transactions is preparing now. It will be presented in the EU and the IMF, and, probably, Moldova will shake again the world with another, after stealing a billion dollars from banking sistem, scandal.
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