In the first half of this year, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and National Anti-Corruption Center initiated 518 criminal cases concerning corruption offenses, excess of power and abuse of office. 425 criminal cases were initiated for this type of crime in the same period of last year.

Of the 518 cases initiated, 153 are for excess of power or abuse of office; 144 cases of abuse of power; 89 influence peddling; 79 for passive corruption; 49 for active corruption and only 4 for bribery.

For these crimes, prosecutors sent to court examination 137 criminal cases against 174 persons.

Among the categories of officials, prosecuted for corruption actions are: 1 judge; 4 lawyers; 4 ex-employees of Anticorruption Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; 4 border police officers; 7 criminal investigators; 31 police officers; 1 ex-officer of the NAC; 1 bailiff; 1 head of a territorial office of the State Chancellery; 12 mayors; 1 deputy mayor; 2 local councilors; 2 secretaries of local councils and other categories.

Additionally, since the beginning of this year, the courts, jointly with the anticorruption prosecutors, have ruled 93 sentences for corruption offenses in respect of 112 people, compared with 94 sentences in respect of 113 persons, accused of committing acts of corruption in six months of  2015.

Of 112 people who had their sentences pronounced, 84 people were convicted, 19 people were acquitted, while for 9 people the criminal proceedings were stopped.

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