writes that some morning searches were carried out by the prosecutors at the state enterprise Cadastru, in a case concerning the illegal alienation of a building by officials of the institution.

The alienation scheme allegedly involves two employees of Cadastru and three commercial agents. According to the source, one of the commercial agents, a director of a company from the capital city,  has already been detained for 72 hours.

One of the employees involved works at Cadastru as an engineer and the other one as a registrar. The two were escorted to the Prosecutor's Office and are accused of extortion and use of false documents.

According to the source, a total of 5 people are involved in the criminal scheme.

According to the investigation, the property was alienated in late August. It is situated in Botanica sector of the capital city. The prejudice amount is still to be estimated.

The case is investigated by the Prosecution for Organized Crimes Combat and Special Cases.


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