Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office has completed the investigation and sent to court a criminal case accusing the officer of NAC, who three months ago was arrested for committing traffic of influence, with the receipt of goods in large proportions.

Public Affairs Section of the General Prosecutor's Office informs that the investigation officer of the NAC was arrested after allegedly demanding and receiving in the month of February 2016 the amount of EUR 100 thousand from the President of the Federation of Basketball from Moldova to cover up the criminal cause  in which he, together with two accomplices, were investigated for committing scam in large proportions.

The prosecution against the NAC employee was started as a result of denunciation by the President of the Basketball Federation of the Republic of Moldova, who has since been detained by prosecutors indicted for corruption and extortion.

It is to be noted that under criminal investigation, both the declarant - Basketball Federation President of the Republic of Moldova and the accused - NAC employee were subjected the detector of simulated behavior test, action carried out at their request, express by written consent.

Today, the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office sent a criminal case accusing the officer of NAC of traffick of influence, to the Center District Court, where for two months already is the pending case on Basketball Federation President and his accomplices.

If they are found guilty of the offending, NAC officer risks up to 7 years of imprisonment and President of Basketball Federation and his accomplices - up to 15 years in prison.

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