The National Anti-Corruption Centre (NAC) officer Ruslan Harcenco, who is accused by the anticorruption prosecutors of taking a bribe of one hundred thousand euro value, reached the defendant’s bench. The Chisinau Central Court, began the examination on Wednesday, November 3rd.

Harcenco and his lawyers requested today during the hearing, to let go unchallenged the  Anticorruption Prosecutor, Sergiu Morari. He stated that the reason of his accusation is supposedly that Morari is not objective and that he is trying to protect some of his bosses. According to Harcenco the one hundred thousand euros amount was shared between five Anticorruption officers and prosecutors.

Harcenco's lawyers say that the prosecutors carried out a search at the residence of the accused, but the money was not found.

Harcenco was denounced by Basketball Federation president, Octavian Vucol. He was arrested in mid-May on the suspicion that, being helped by two other accomplices, he  convinced a Slovak citizen to invest 340,000 euros in the construction of a multifunctional sports complex,  on 2 Trandafirilor street from Chisinau, for  the National Federation of Basketball . This would have happened even if the Federation did not have any title of property on the 0.4 hectares land, on the surface of which the complex was supposed to be build, and no authorization for construction.

After he was taken in custody, Vucol told the prosecutors that he gave a hundred thousand euros to Harcenco to help him escape legal responsibility, but he did not honored his promise. After denunciation, Vucol was put on house arrest.

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