New suspects in cases of fraud in the banking system of the Republic of Moldova - the vice-president of the administrative council of the National Commission for Financial Markets (NCFM) and its member, as well as two members of the Banca de Economii administrative council were summoned for questioning by the prosecutor's office.

According to the anticorruption prosecutors, they are suspected of abuse of office in the case of fraud at the Banca de Economii, and are subject to a hearing.

Portal «» informs that it is about Yuri Philip, vice-chairman of the administrative council of the National Commission for Financial Markets and Aurica Doina, a member of this council, and as the two members of Banca de Economii administrative council this is about Elena Matveeva and Vyacheslav Mamaliga. 

Officials of NCFM are checked within extensive investigation and are suspected of negligence in the voting on amendments in the State register of securities, which led to the registration of the additional share issue of the «Banca de Economii» SA.

In this case, are affected both current and former chairmen and members of administrative councils at banks, as well as economic agencies that have benefited from loans granted in view of the violations.

At this stage, 10 people have the status of the accused, including the former head of the administrative council of Banca de Economii, Ilan Shor.

New details in the investigation of the company Kroll

National Bank announced last week that the new report from company Kroll shows clear evidence of crucial Ilan Shor's involvement in the theft of the century.

According to a press release of the National Bank of Moldova (NBM) of 25 March: «Thanks to the information gathered and analyzed by Kroll was confirmed that Shor's group was connected with the acquisition of the shares of the three banks in the Republic of Moldova in 2012-2014, and directly controlled the decisions to grant «problem loans».

At this stage, the company, which is investigating fraud in the banking sector of Moldova, revealed the deals worth more than 350 million dollars, which can be directly involved in the fraud in the three banks of our country».

In the first stage of the investigation by Kroll also was stated that «fraud money laundering carried out through an extensive network of companies and bank accounts, including bank accounts from Moldova, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Cyprus», it was mentioned in the NBM press release.

Ilan Shor doesn’t admit his guilt

ilan shor.pngAnd if Ilan Shor still has refused to make statements to the press about his involvement in the theft billion, on March 25 he addressed to journalists. 

Former chairman of the Banca de Economii administrative council is guiltless, and said that he was forced to thieve money from BEM and ensure the granting of «problem loans».

According to Shor the real amount of damage of the Banca de Economii, it is not a billion dollars, as it is said in the society, but 675 million dollars.

«The total amount of damage is 675 million dollars. This is divided into two parts - 350 million dollars, loans granted during Gregory Gachkevich presidency and Vlad Filat then held the post of prime minister and controlled Banca de Economii. The second part of 250 million dollars, an amount that was offered through intermediaries to Vlad Filat, at his request», - said Ilan Shor.

Former chairman of the Banca de Economii said that he has no assurance in the checks carried out by Kroll. He said he is ready to conclude a contract with a company with an international reputation, so that she will investigate the theft in Banca de Economii.

On the other hand, the lawyer of ex-premier, Igor Popa told to some television channels that Shor’s accusations against Vlad Filat aren’t presented in the indictment of the prosecutor’s office and violate the principle of presumption of innocence.

Remember that Ilan Shor is the main accused in the case of theft in the Banca de Economii. He is accused by prosecutors in, that together with other members of the administrative council of BEM, has signed a contract by which «took away» billion of lei from Banca de Economii. Although Shor was under house arrest, he was dismissed because he ran for mayor in Orhei, a post he currently holds.

Filat CNA


In October 2015, after the statements made by Ilan Shor to National anticorruption center, the former prime-minister Vlad Filat was end up behind the bars on charges of passive corruption and the illegal use of influence.

Filat isn’t guilty and claims he is the victim of political revenge.

The chairman of the Parliament Andrian Candu, said that Kroll investigation about the theft of the century will be completed within two years, in accordance with the terms of the contract.    

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