The National  Anticorruption Center (NAC) investigates two criminal cases involving three officials of the Chishinau Mayor’s Office: the vice-mayor Nistor Grozavu, the chief architect Ivan Carpov and the secretary of the Municipal Council Valeriu Didenku.corruption in Chishinau.png

The official are accused of the illegal authorization for the prolongation of a construction in one of city parks. The  Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office commenced one more criminal case because of Ivan Carpov’s non-declaring of conflict of interests.

The cases were initiated after appearing at the NAC of two complaints of a conseiller from the Party of Communists.

According to the conseiller, the first case was about the construction on the Florilor str. in the Rishcani district of the capital. The accused officials extended the authorization of the construction expired an year and a half ago. For the legal authorization the agent of the construction was required to file all new documents.

The second case is about the conflict of interests. Ivan Carpov had authorized a project, realized by his wife’s firm- Axis Mundi. Caprov was a part of this firm till 2013. During the investigation, Rise Moldova detected that the beneficiary of the recreational construction projected by Axis Mundi was the SRL Agro-Engineering. This company was fonded by an another firm- Moldproinvest, which single founder is the wife (Aurica Raducan) of the former Ministry for Regional Development and Construction, a member of the Democratic Party Marchel Raducan. Carpov commented on that he signed the authorization because he was the single official entitled to sign documents for the urban projects. The criminal case over these irregularities was commenced according to the art.328.p.1 from the Penal Code about the abuse of power.

The results of the NAC investigation will be published later.

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