Ion Cretu, one of the lawyers defending Veaceslav Platon has been put on the wanted list. The decision was made by the Criuleni District Court, which in March 2018, issued an arrest warrant into the name of the defender. Cretu pleads not guilty and claims to be persecuted for his activity.

Lawyer Ion Cretu is accused of influence peddling. On March 18, 2014, he was detained with 15700 euros on him, money he had received from a Turkish citizen. In exchange for money, Cretu promised to arrange the release of a Bulgarian citizen, arrested for trafficking a minor for sexual exploitation.

Lawyer Eduard Rudenco told CrimeMoldova that the decision to apply the measure of pre-trial detention was taken at the request of the prosecutors on the grounds that he failed to appear at the hearing. "There were 46 court hearings in this case, and Ion Cretu missed only one, the court being informed that he had been hospitalized. Please take account of the fact that 21 of the court hearings had been postponed because of the accuser, who missed them without any reasons," Rudenco said.

Being Platon’s lawyer, Ion Cretu was in charge of defending the interests of the businessman against the leadership of Penitentiary No. 13. The defender won a trial, after which the prison administration was forced to allow a TV set in Platon’s cell.

In February 2018, Ion Cretu criticized the administration of Penitentiary No. 13 for the fact that Platon's defenders are subjected to excessive searches.

If Ion Cretu is arrested, Veaceslav Platon will remain only with two lawyers: Eduard Rudenco and Valeriu Plesca. Last year, Rudenco was also filed a case for drunk driving.

Moreover, some media sources affiliated to the government broadcast a video recording, in which Rudenco was in the company of a prostitute. The defender said it was all framed-up, after he had been warned several times to refuse Platon's defense.

Another lawyer, who was part of Veaceslav Platon’s defense team is Ana Ursachi, who left the Republic of Moldova after the prosecutors resumed the prosecution against her in a murder case involving the guard that occurred in 1998.

Lawyer Ion Vazdoaga, Gheorghe Malic and Vasile Rahlea were also part of Veaceslav Platon's defense team, but they gave up their contracts during the trial.

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