Prosecutors have demanded a six-and-a-half-year prison term for the former Liberal Democrat deputy, Chiril Lucinschi, suspected of large-scale money laundering in a bank fraud case. At the same time, Lucinschi claims he is awaiting his acquittal.

According to Eugen Rusnac, the prosecutor who handles the case, besides imprisonment, Lucinschi will have to pay a fine of 27,500 lei for counterfeiting statements.

The prosecution also asked to deprive Lucinschi of the right to hold public office for four years.

Additionally, seizure of several assets belonging to the former deputy and restitution of damage to banks was requested.

Following the hearing, the former MP, Chiril Lucinschi, said he was awaiting an acquittal. "Based on the evidence presented today, I expect I will be declared innocent. The case is totally framed up; it is not based on any offenses. For the present, I cannot say anything about the punishment requested by prosecutors, because no offense has been committed. I believe that the court can prove its independence and declare me not guilty," Lucinschi said.

Lucinschi's lawyer, Corina Stratan, said the case prosecutor did not present any evidence to prove the former MP's guilt. "Today, I have presented evidence that overthrows the accusations made against Mr. Lucinschi. However, the accusations presented did not indicate from what offenses the money that Mr. Lucinschi allegedly laundered came. The right solution for the court is to declare my client innocent, "Stratan said.

Chiril Lucinschi was detained in May 2017. According to the state accusers, the former deputy, together with three representatives of a trader, are suspected of large-scale money laundering.

Lucinschi allegedly committed the offense through Toast Delux LLC and IPA International Project Agency, whose manager and actual beneficiary he is. The two companies benefited from money derived from bad loans obtained from three Moldovan banks, involved in the theft of the billion from the Savings Bank, the Social Bank and Unibank. In the case of IPA International Project Agency, the sum reached $ 440,000, and in that of Toast Delux SRL - 5 million lei. Subsequently, the money was converted and transferred through a group of companies to an offshore company.

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