The locals of the town Tohatin are stressed of the fact that at the end of the previous year the Mayor of Chisinau allocated 300 000 lei for 1 km of road. So, this was money from the public budget designed for a short road directly to a house of the Dorin Chirtoaca’s colleague from the Liberal Party. By the way, another roads are horrible.

The locals said that there was no money even to repair the main roads.

The history of the house of Mayor’s colleague Mariana Lungu and another officials

Mariana Lungu.jpgSource: (Mariana Lungu)

The journalists set that the area, where are situated the luxury houses of many officials, including the house of Mariana Lungu, is out of the town Tohatin. So that it is an agricultural area where only summer cottages can be built. It means that this houses aren’t registered and their rich owners even don’t pay the tax for the immobility. On the movie from a drone it is clearly seen that the new stone road leads directly to the house of Lungu.

The Head of the Chishinau General Department of Public Transport and Communications mentioned in an official paper that this road is a part of the Tohatin town, that is untrue (Annex 1).

The decision to allocate public money for the repair of the road was adopted by the Mayor on October, 19 in  2015 after a  petition from the gardeners’ partnership. They, actually, are rich officials.

The locals from another similar town, Singerei, say that they could collect money together and repaired their road, like in Tohatin, even without being officials.

That happened in Tohatin represents a typical case of conflict of interests.

The conflicts of interests

The journalists  lost count of the cases when Dorin Chirtoaca demonstrates a conflict of interests.

Recently Crime Moldova wrote about a project for the repair of roads in the capital of Moldova. The tender for the works won a company associated with the Mayor that didn’t offer a smallest amount for the works. The repair is to be ended in three months but it seems it practically didn’t begin at some streets. Earlier the Mayor took many decisions in favor of the companies associated with his family.

Now we speak about his colleague from the Liberal Party Mariana Lungu.

The representatives of the Administration of Tohatin affirm that the money was allocated illegally, because the area where is located Lungu’s house, is out of the town. Moreover, the locals complain of injustice: last year Dorin Chirtoaca allocated only 18 000 lei for the repair of roads in the town and up to 300 000 lei for the road to his colleague’s house.


Mariana Lungu herself affirms that she didn’t ask to repair the road and doesn’t know who did it.

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