Ludmila Sochircă, director of the National Council for Determining Disability and Work Capacity (NCDDWC), accused by law enforcement of actions of corruption, was restored in office after being suspended from exercising her duties for a period of several months. The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection explained the comeback by the lack of a final sentence.

Sources in the Anticorruption National Center claim that Ludmila Sochircă has the status of accused in a criminal case for abuse of power and passive corruption, which is proceeding at NAC. According to sources in the NAC, during 2015, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection and Family had received a large number of petitions concerning the disagreement of citizens on the establishment of degrees of disability by NCDDWC. They complained that the heads of councils facilitated the granting of degrees of disability to some people, and for these services they would ask for various sums of money. 

The price of a certificate confirming the disability varied from MDL one thousand to 15 thousand, and some of the money collected by the heads of regional councils were transmitted to the central NCDDWC officials.

Ludmila Sochirca held the post for eight years, for which she is paid annually with MDL 125 thousand. Head of NCDDWC reached the retirement age and receive from the state a monthly pension of MDL 2.160.

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