At the hearing today, the court allowed the release from custody of Radu Blaj, deputy chief architect of Chisinau.

Prosecutors asked for dismissal of the application and keeping him in custody.

"The court granted the request for provisional release on bail of the accused Radu Blaj, It set the amount of bail of 7.000 conventional units. He will be released when he will present evidence that he transfered to the General Prosecutor account the respective funds," said the prosecutor investigating the case.

"Mr. Blaj had his right to liberty violated, the gentleman has worked with the prosecuting authority, the body of law, participated in establishing the truth and I find it absolutely unnecessary the keeping of the gentleman under arest, especially since he is a person interested in establishing the truth" communicated Radu Blaj's lawyer, Corina Oprea.

Radu Blaj was detained on 25 May 2016 together with the Deputy Mayor of Chisinau Vlad Coteț. The arrest of the two took place after searches made by Anticorruption Prosecutors and NAC officers.

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