112.jpgSvetlana Mocan, a bailiff involved in a great money laundering scheme is freed from charge. The Buiucani district court came to a conclusion that the bailiff’s activities didn’t include elements of crime. The prosecutor’s office, anyway, believes that Mocan committed a grave crime and looks forward to appealing the sentence.

And they really have many evidences to think so.

The officers of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office set that the accused woman used her position of a bailiff at the Center Court to withdraw juridical decrees of some courts of Center, Ciocani, Rishcani, Buiucani and Botanica districts of the capital and a number of courts from Comrat, Caushani, Drokia, Ungheni, Teleneshti districts of Moldova. It was also detected that she forged many decrees.

In the period  of March 2011 – January 2014 Mocan bazed on that decrees and conducted around 40 withdraws of money from the banking accounts of some person in Moldova and abroad.

Mocan committed many violations during the withdraws: she didn’t informed the debtors non-residents, formally informed the debtors-residents, didn’t sent letters confirming the perception of money, there was no guarantee that the decrees were original and  she did not publish in the Official Monitor the corresponding acts.

The prosecutors found out that Mocan withdrew through the central filial of «Moldincombank» an amount of 211 054 905 216,5 lei from the corresponding accounts in Russian Federation in favor of creditors non-residents.

The activities of the bailiff are a part of a huge scheme of money laundering – reported Rise Moldova. Mocan is only one of many representatives of the juridical system of Moldova that facilitated the legitimation of «nonexistent» loans of off-shore companies. By this scheme there were injected in the EU banking system great amounts, especially from Russian Federation. Around $ 17 billion got through Svetlana Mocan (compare- the GDP of Moldova is less than $ 8,5 billion).


Source: www.rise.md

The bailiff refused to answer the journalist’s questions about the criminal case and money laundering scheme and argued that couldn’t discover the confidential information.

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