Secretary General of the Parliament, Ala Popescu, was seen going shopping on an official state car during the working hours.

The offcial was brought to the Zepter shop on a state car during working hours. The driver was waiting for her outside, while she bought a pot worth two thousand lei. When she saw that she was filmed, Ala Popescu phoned her driver and ordered him to leave.

First, the head of the parliament apparatus said that it was her break for lunch, then, she said she was on vacation, but failed to explain why she was using a service car paid from public money for personal benefit.

From 2005 to 2011, Ala Popescu had been in the office of President of the Court of Auditors, an authority vested with the right to check the use of public money. The official is godmother of Marian Lupu, President of the DP, and of Ion Muruianu, judge at the Court of Appeal and former president of the Supreme Court.

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