The head of Human Resources Department of Prison No. 17 from Rezina, detained for bribery last summer, was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

The press service of the General Prosecutor’s Office stated that the prison employee, along with a policeman, extorted 1,000 euros from a man to hire him as supervisor guardian in the prison.

The money was transmitted to the police officer in two installments of 500 euros each,  and were to be handed to the Head of Human Resources Service. Subsequently, as a result of the searches conducted, the extorted money were found at the policeman’s residence but also in his car.

Recently, according to the ruling of the Military Court from Chisinau, the defendant was found guilty of passive corruption. He was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of seven years, a fine of 120 thousand, deprivation of the right to exercise public functions for 8 years and withdrawal of particular level - major of justice.

The sentence may be attacked.

The criminal case involving the policeman is being examined in a separate proceeding. According to some sources from the Interior Ministry, the lawman was working as head of the police station No. 2 (Pripiceni) within the Police Inspectorate from Rezina.


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