The Customs Service ordered the dismissal of 16 of its officers, following the arrests of 28 employees of Palanca and Tudora customs points on charges of corruption.

The release of the employees was ordered following an internal investigation, which investigated 16 officers that are at large. Another 12 employees are placed under house arrest or in the isolation ward.

According to the press release of the Customs Service, the internal investigations revealed a number of serious breaches of discipline and customs legislation, which caused considerable harm both to the state budget and to the image of the institution. Considering the deviations established the leadership of the Customs Service dismissed 16 employees.

Moreover, disciplinary investigations have been initiated with respect to the searches, carried out in Leuseni, Sculeni and Otaci customs points, their results will be communicated later.

According to the Customs Service, all the operations, carried out by the NAC officers and anticorruption prosecutors, were based on information and material, provided by the Internal Security Department of the Customs Service, which is in charge of cases of misbehavior and corrupt behavior of the employees.

Recall that anticorruption prosecutors and officers of the NAC raided on September 30 on Palanca and Tudora customs. Following the operation, 28 customs officers have been detained as part of a passive bribery case.

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