After the file on behalf of Orhei Mayor, Ilan Şor, was sent to the Chişinău Court of Appeals, it was transferred to Cahul Court of Appeal. A request in this regard was made by the president of Chişinău CA, Ion Plesca.

According to, Plesca said the measure is necessary in order not to raise suspicions of impartiality of the trial, because Ilan Şor's lawyer, Iulian Balan, is the husband of the Chişinău CA, head of the secretariat, Lilia Balan.

Another reason would be that only two of the 21 judges of the Criminal College of CA Chisinau are compatible for the examination of the Mayor's file, as most of them have previously participated in the judicial review of the legality of the preventive measures applied to Şor and four have abstained from examining this case.

Ilan Şor was sentenced by first instance in June 2017 to 7 years and 6 months of imprisonment with execution, being found guilty of having laundered over 5 billion lei from BEM, which he would have done through dozens of off-shore companies.

With the pronouncement of the sentence, Ilan Shor was released from house arrest until the decision of the hierarchically superior court. The file reached the Chişinău Court of Appeal only in January 2018, the case being stuck for several months in the court of first instance, in order to be translated into Russian.

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