Yesterday morning, November 23, the officials raided the homes of two residents of Chisinau. The men managed the activities of three casinos in Chisinau and Balti, committing serious violations of law, tax evasions and embezzlement in large proportions. One of the men, aged 29, was detained.

The action was carried out by officers investigating economic frauds and Ciocana Prosecutor's Office, with the support of Special Forces. Police officers and prosecutors simultaneously raided the premises of the casinos in Chisinau and Balti.

They conducted nine searches at the places of residence, in personal luxury cars and casinos, managed by the men.

Following some special activities, police officers and prosecutors found and seized various documents of draft accounting, computers with records of double accounting, cash obtained from illegal activities of the casinos, conclusive evidence that would prove their guilt of avoiding to pay taxes to the State budget.  They also seized gaming machines, which had not been subjected to a state expertise, which would have allowed illegal modification of the devices’ settings. Moreover, a pistol without a certificate of origin was found at the domicile of one of the men.

The suspect, aged 29, was detained for a period of 72 hours.  Ciocana Prosecutor’s Office will have to take a decision with respect to the other suspect, aged 49, after the completion of the criminal investigation. They will be prosecuted for tax evasion and embezzlement in extremely large proportions, risking imprisonment from 8 to 15 years.

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