A man from Criuleni is investigated by the NAC for attempting to bribe o member of the committee  for drivers qualification. Also, another citizen was denounced to the NAC by two inspectors of Dog Service of the Customs Service.

In the first case, the man would have offered a bribe of 350 euros to an inspector to promote the practical test driving of the vehicle on a route and obtaining the driving license of category "B".

The  inspector from drivers qualification committee  denounced the case to the National Anticorruption Center hotline at - 0 800 55555.  As a result of special investigative measures and criminal investigation, the man was caught red-handed.

The man was recognized and heard as a suspect. Subsequently he pleaded guilty and is currently investigated at large.

In the second case, the 36-year-old suspect, attempted to bribe the  customs officials with 100 euros, in order to not be held responsible for the illegal trying to remove from the country 960 cigarettes with excise stamps of the Republic of Moldova, which he failed earlier to declare to the customs authorities.

The tobacco products have been detected by the Customs Service dogs yesterday morning, January 4th, while trying to exit the country through the customs post Costeşti. The cigarettes were concealed in the glove compartment of the car by the offender, a Volkswagen Passat, registered in Romania.

Both men are facing a punishment by imprisonment of up to six years with a fine of 2,000 to 4,000 conventional units.

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