This is the second article about corruption in the Moldtelecom company. Recently Crime Moldova wrote about the corrupt bosses in it.

In 2015 Ziarul de Gardă published an investigation about Vitalie Iurcu: “(Top secret) Moldtelecom’s secrets or how do you get million-worth tenders for friends”. According to this investigation, friends and business partners of ex-CEO have managed to get millions leis from Moldtelecom via one auction company.

tender.pngTherefore, Iurcu appears to be an owner of three companies: "Progrestact" SRL and individual enterprise "Iurcu Vitalie” which are situated in the Republic of Moldova, and "Hellis&Partners Immobiliare" (92,5%) which is situated in Romania. The partner and manager of Romanian company is Moldavian with Romanian citizenship – Vitalie Frunze (7,5%).

Vitalie Frunze is also a partner in another Moldavian company – “Lobi-GP” SRL (10%), which was mentioned in a report of Court of Accounts in 2011 in view of relations with Moldtelecom. As to this report, in 2010 Lobi-GP managed to win a 4,88 milllion lies-worth contract with Moldtelecom. ZDG leaves open the question if Moldtelecom had other relations with that company, but body corporate kept this information closed thus breaking the legislation.

According to ZDG, in 2012 “Lobi-GP” declared return on sales in amount of 160 million leis which was obtained by winning most of tenders by Moldtelecom.

Vitalie Frunze is also known to be executive of  ”Expert Credit Bureau”  which intersects in its activity with interests of Moldtelecom.

Vâlcu.pngA co-foundator of “Lobi-GP” Alexandru Vilcu (40%) is a proprietor and administrator of another company closely related to Moldtelecom and its ex-CEO – SRL TL Integrator. As by ZDG Vilcu is also a friend of ex-CEO’s family.

In 2012 the company declared return on sales in amount of 2,5 million leis. Connections to this company are demonstrated by the fact that its core activity is distribution of Mikrotik products which are widely used by Moldtelecom. This company is also a distributor of other products used by Moldtelecom: Kamai media players, Huawei devices, etc.

Another company which is registered at the same address and phone number as two previous (after publication of investigation by ZDG these were changed) is “IT-Lab Sistem” and it’s also known as one of the official distributors of Mikrotik (used by Moldtelecom) in Moldova.

ZDR highlighted another connection between Iurcu’s friends and partners and Moldtelecom, revealing the fact that Alexandru Valcu founded 5 more companies apart from above-mentioned „Lobi-GP” and „TL Inte­gra­tor”: Lobi Logistic, Ramin Lux, Tehvin-Metal, Lobi-M and Nucagrogrup. The last one in 2013 was under suspicion of National Commission for Financial Markets in regards to a case of purchasing of Agroindbank securities. At the moment the activity of these companies can be intercrossed with affairs of Moldtelecom. Another interesting fact here is that Valcu is the son of ex-chief of customs – Nicolae Valcu.

Another co-founder of “Lobi-GP” is Alina Talavira (10%) who owns as well three other companies one of which is Lobi Steel Trade.

Interestingly, most of the companies founded by ex-CEO of Moldtelecom are registered at the same address on 2/4 Studentilor Street, the area which is build up with constructions which are the property of SA Technovin governed by Valcu. In 2007 these a plaster was put on these properties due to loan worth 10 million leis. Most of these loans are still not repaid.

Even after resignation of Iurcu these companies continue to operate as general partners of Moldtelecom.

In connection with this published an article headed as follows: “Connections between intermediary of Moldtelecom and president of Parliament Andrian Candu”. In this article it was delineated that Switchover AG, the company which signed an outsourcing contract with Moldtelecom in 2012, is related with Sergiu Talpa, who appears to be an ex-colleague of chairman Andrian Candu. Swithcover AG has become the only service provider to operate inbound international calls for Republic. According to report published by Court of Accounts in 2011, Moldtelecom established affairs with company associated to son of Vladimir Voronin: Moldconstruct Market. The connection with Voronin’s family was also demonstrated by the fact that Iurcu was employed for some time by CA FinComBank that is known to be connected with the family.

Similarly in 2010 the Court of Accounts assessed affairs between Moldtelecom and other companies and stated that some of the last were founded to serve as intermediaries in order to cover kindred between ex-CEO Gheorghe Ursachi and one of his relatives who was owner of a company which conducted affairs with Moldtelecom. Meanwhile, this person was as well holding a post of vice-minister in Department of Service Sales and took part in some affairs which included conflicts of interests.

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