National Anti-Corruption Centre (NAC) has stopped the case on behalf of Mircea Malec, former director of the Civil Aviation Authority, which would be a business partner of Family Justice Minister Vladimir Cebotari in the airline Fly One writes

CNA spokeswoman, Angela Starinschi told the source: "The investigation officers signed a conclusion, after examining the facts presented in the headlines, and the case ended because the facts were not confirmed."

That case was initiated by CNA, after the institution was under investigation of portal. This material link between the former head of AAC and current Minister of Justice, as confirmed by a SIS letter, came into possession of the source. Heads of the SIS administration officially responded that the Civil Aviation Authority, headed by Mircea Malec, is accused of abuse of power exercised by promoting private interests in civil aviation.

National Authority for Integrity (ANI) has not been exposed yet whether Justice Minister Vladimir Cebotari and Mircea Malec admitted no conflict of interest.

Fly One company has as one of the founders the wife of the current Minister of Justice, Vladimir Cebotari, his sister, Mariana Tabuica, being the executive director. Cebotari denied this.
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