The case where several Mayoralty officials are targeted in corruption has been sent by NAC to court, writes ZDG.

The court is expected to reach seven officials, including Vice Mayor of City Hall - Vlad Cotet, Deputy Head of Architecture and Urban Planning Department - Radu Blaj, vice Botanica district, employees of the State Construction Inspectorate and representatives of businesses.

According to the indictment, officials of the municipalities are suspected by prior arrangement with intermediaries offenders consisting of speeding issue and perfecting documents for privatization premises uninhabitable, speed and execution of change of state areas / lands and the issuing and checking documents for final acceptance of goals . The maximum amount that was sent as a bribe to perform offenses set was EUR 12 thousand, but other amounts were also submitted for those illegalities.

Alleged corruption in city hall was demonstrated by the searches conducted by NAC, hearings, audio and video evidence, etc.

In the case of some defendants, separate prosecution was initiated for illicit enrichment.

If convicted, the officers face up to 15 years of imprisonment, fines and forfeiture of the right to hold public office posts for a certain period of time.

We remind that the case against officials of the Chisinau City Hall was started on 25 May, after some searches carried out by the NAC.

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