The Constitutional Court (CCM) is to examine whether Dorin Chirtoaca was suspended from office on the basis of legal grounds. The decision was taken today by the magistrates of the Court of Appeal, following a petition filed by Chirtoaca’s lawyers.

The case prosecutor specified that the magistrates were to examine the defense appeal regarding the suspension of the general mayor Dorin Chirtoaca. "Until the appeal has been examined, the defense has lodged an application for the objection of unconstitutionality. Thus, the application was partially admitted and the defense notification was sent to the Constitutional Court. As  far as the request for the annulment of the ruling, which decided to suspend the mayor from office, it was rejected. So, he remains suspended," the prosecutor said.

The mayor of Chisinau was present at the Court of Appeal. He stated that the Code of Criminal Procedure does not provide for the fact that he could be suspended from the position in which he was elected by the citizens. "It is an error in the criminal trial, so the subject will be examined by the Constitutional Court," Chirtoaca said.

Tatiana Iovu, the mayor's lawyer, specified that if the CCM decides that the mayor has been suspended from office illegally, then the decision of the Chişinău District Court will return to Buiucani Court. "The Court of Appeal will refer the matter to the CCM, then the hearing regarding this matter will be scheduled, where we will expressing our views regarding this referral," Iovu noted.

The case prosecutor has previously said that "the temporary suspension is necessary as several witnesses are being heard, which are in close contact with the mayor of the capital, so there is a risk that those persons will be influenced."

Dorin Chirtoacă is investigated under house arrest in the criminal case of paid parking lots in the capital. He is accused of influence peddling.

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