Parcels with anabolic substances

On February 9, the Information and Security Service announced the record capture of 15 mailbags with anabolic substances, cost of hundred thousand euros (details of the investigation has not yet published). All bags were marked by the “Post of Moldova” as "Books". A former employee of the “Post of Moldova” Sergiu Cibotaru said that this "record" is only a drop in the bucket: every day there are lots of such parcels.

On the Interpol show (from 04.06.16) Sergiu Cibotaru – the former head of the “Post of Moldova” Financial Control and Audit Department said that millions lei of daily income circulate in these corrupt scheme. "In 2012 I discovered a corruption scheme in this establishment. Every day the “Post of Moldova” sent packages in the US and UE with the company’ stamps for cosmetics or books, but there are actually the anabolic substances inside. 200 grams of such substances cost from 300 to 1500 dollars on the black market. There is every day profit of $ 7 million lei and they sent up to 800 packets per day".

sergiu cibotaru.jpgAlso during the show, a former employee spoke about other schemes that are used by the “Post of Moldova”: fuel cancellation, allocation of money for the repair of offices without making repairs, bank deposits for money intended for social payments.

Sergiu Cibotaru claims that after his statements in the press, he asked for political asylum abroad, fearing for his family safety.

The full version of the show featuring Cibotaru: 

A few days earlier, the site published an investigation "Dozens of parcels with prohibited substances sent daily by the «Post of Moldova» in the EU and the US: Revelation by one of the former heads of the company". The investigation collected all the statements made by Sergiu Cibotaru.


Cibotaru said that he got the audit results from the deputy director Sergiu Batiushca, the documents were signed by 11-12 officials of the company, but Batiushca hadn’t signed it. After that the “Post of Moldova” Financial Control and Audit Department was liquidated and Sergiu Cibotaru lost his job: "I have told about audit results to the deputy director, but he did not take any action. He fired me and my wife, who worked at the “Post of Moldova” HR department. One evening the deputy director, together with the deputy of the Democratic Party, came to my home and asked me not to talk about this scheme. I was offered money and position. I refused".

According to him, the leaders of the “Post of Moldova” are not only aware, but also personally involved in the illegal business.

Cibotaru claims that besides the “Post of Moldova” in the criminal business is also involved the Customs Service, which checks all parcels. About the involvement of the Customs Service and the "Post of Moldova" in a similar scheme was written in the publication of the corruption map "The fatal business organized by people in uniform".

After hearing the case, due the increase of complaints to the Customs Service, it was officially stated its participation with the "Post of Moldova" in the smuggling anabolic substances scheme.

The Director of the "Post of Moldova" is a millionaire

In an investigation by was mentioned that the CEO of "Post of Moldova" Serghei Nastas is a multimillionaire. In 2014 he said that there are 2 million lei and 301 000 euro on his bank account.

In addition, in the property declaration of 2014, Nastas also pointed a house with the cadastral value of 15 thousand lei (the building of 200 square meters), 3 apartments, the cost of which exceeds 60 000 thousand euro, a house in Madrid (area of ​​480 square meters) cadastral value of which exceeds 480 thousand euro. Serghei Nastas also declared three pieces of arable land, as well as the three plots of land for construction.

nastas-01.jpgThe property of the Nastas’ in 2014

Reporters from Moldova Curata also learned that Nastas owns a quote in the construction business in Spain, which he did not declare. The company is based in Madrid and is called "Nastats Ser Sociedad Limitada". It was established in 2007 and is controlled by Serghei Nastas. Annual company income is estimated at 500 thousand euro.

How Serghei Nastas headed the "Post of Moldova", where he worked before – all this information is not known. The official website of the "Post of Moldova" hasn’t been published an official resume, although for the state institutions it is recommended.

The "Post of Moldova" employees finance the Democratic Party

According to the site, which got data from the Democratic Party and the CEC, many employees of the "Post of Moldova" sponsored the Democratic Party campaign for the local elections. Among those who financed the Democratic Party, were found the names that are identical to the names of the deputy director of the "Post of Moldova" and heads of departments of the company.

According to the documents, among those who financed the campaign are: Corceac Ludmila - first deputy director (5,000 lei); Ianeț Pavel - Sales and Marketing Department (5,000 lei); Corneliu Savca - labor protection bureau (4.5 thousand); Sergiu Batiushca (mentioned in the Sergiu Cibotaru statements) – CEO Deputy of the "Post of Moldova" (5000 lei).

Venituri PD.png

The "Post of Moldova" was also twice mentioned in the publications on corruption maps: "Who generates the losses at the" Post of Moldova" and "The raider seizure of offices of the "Post of Moldova".

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