There are new details on the case, initiated by the NAC against the City Hall officials detained last week. The NAC released a video where the deputy mayor Vlad Cotet demands bribes from various businessmen in exchange for the issuance of acts. Also the Buiucani District Court issued the arrest warrants for 5 suspects on the case.

Cotet was surprised by the hidden camera while demanding bribes

The NAC released a video of deputy mayor Vlad Cotet receiving bribes from the businessmen in exchange for the issuance of acts. The video was recorded right in the official’s office.

The deputy mayor expressed his agreement to sign some dubious acts for a reward: "My signature costs money. Everything else you handle by yourself".

There also appeared the name of the deputy principal architect of Chisinau Radu Blaj – he was arrested too on the same case.

During the recording the deputy mayor promises to influence his other colleagues. Also the deputy mayor agreed to demolish a historical building. The video demonstrates how he receives an envelope with money.

The arrest warrants

On May 27, the Buiucani District Court decided that Vlad Cotet will spend the next 25 days in custody. The deputy mayor was not presented at the hearings because of health problems. For the same reason, Cotet will stay in the Prison №16 – the detention facility with the hospital status.

There were arrested 2 intermediates for 20 days, the inspector of the State Constructions Inspectorate was arrested for 25 days, and the deputy head of the General Directorate of architecture, urban planning and land relations of the Chisinau City Hall Radu Blaj was arrested for 10 days.

The Dorin Chirtoaca’s reaction

After the initiating a corruption case with the involvement of the City Hall's officials, the Chisinau City Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca said that there are more people involved in shady businesses at the City Hall.

The City Mayor argues that in recent years he asked several times the NAC, the Prosecutor’s Office and other relevant institutions to investigate the situation at the City Hall: "I'm not sure things are going well even today. The working standards must be on another level. I made several requests to the investigating authorities because we have nothing to hide. Those who have troubles with the law and collegial understanding must face the consequences".

Referring to the deputy mayor Cotet, Chirtoaca said: "Frankly, somehow I feel sorry because Cotet was not the biggest "problem" with violations among us. According to the rumors, there are worse officials”.
Asked by the journalists who are those "worse officials", Chirtoaca said he could not give the names as long as he had no evidence.

The mayor also said that there should be decided whether the deputy mayor Cotet will be suspended from the office, dismissed or there will be taken other measures in accordance with the law.

Also recently, the Chisinau Court of Appeals issued the verdict on the former City Hall official. She was sentenced for 4 years of imprisonment with deprivation of the right to be the official for 3 years for the abuse of power and the concealment of documents. She demanded 4000 euros from a businessman for preparing the documents for the alienation of a plot of land. Initially, she received the non-custodial sentence, but the prosecutors have appealed that decision.
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