Today, the panel "Restoring the defrauded assets” that appeared on the website of the Ministry of Finance on June 20, shows new figures. According to the new figures, the amount recovered through the sale of assets of the three banks increased from June 20 to date by up to 218.2 million lei at the Savings Bank of Moldova (8.1 million more), up to 187.99 million lei at the Social Bank (with 25.29 million more) and up to 101.1 million lei at the Unibank (1.5 million more).



In total, the amount of money recovered through the sale of assets of the three banks reached 507.29 million lei. We remind that at the time of publication of the panel this amount was of 472 million lei.

The figures indicating the amount of the repaid emergency loan has also increased: 9 million more in Savings Bank’s case, 17 million more for the SB and 1.3 million for Unibank. Earlier, the press was writing that the emergency loan repayments will fall on citizens after the National Bank signed a memorandum with the Ministry of Finance to issued state guarantees for this. According to experts, if this emission would be regarded as a classic credit nearly one billion lei should be paid from the state budget during the next 25 years.

We remind that the authorities had promised to show through the panel how the billion from the three Moldovan banks, namely Savings Bank, Social Bank and Unibank, which is now in liquidation, is recovered monthly.

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