The head of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of the Buiucani district administration of Chisinau Ion Vranceanu, accused of using his power for personal purposes was recently acquitted by the court. In 2014 he illegally ordered to the two directors of two educational institutions in Chisinau to provide spaces for a driving school firm.

According to the investigation, published in 2013, Vranceanu asked the director of the Vasile Vasilache Lyceum to provide a room about 60 sqm to the Dinas Plus LLC for organizing private driving lessons. The Municipal Council of Chisinau has not taken any decision about leasing that room. The classroom was used by the Dinas Plus LLC from September 2014 to January 2015 that caused a 12 000 lei damage to the public budget.

Vranceanu had asked the same thing from the Centre of aesthetic education Lăstărel. There was provided a 19 sqm classroom that caused a 4000 lei damage to the public budget.

Undeclared millions

Vranceanu hadn’t declared bank accounts with millions lei, several houses and apartments and a luxury car in his income declarations from previous years.

According to an investigation published by the, his daughters owned apartments of millions lei just being just 5 and 10 years. Now they are 17 and 22 years old, each one owns a 4-room apartment, both in a new building in the center of Chisinau.

According to the prosecutors, Ion Vranceanu declared a house worth 945 000 lei but its real value is about 1.8 million lei. He also hadn’t declared a Toyota Land Cruiser car (produced in 2008) worth about 688 000 lei.

Vrânceanu also hadn’t declared his daughters’ property: a house where today lives the entire family (in Durlesti) and their apartments worth over 2 million lei. Moreover, Ion Vranceanu hadn’t declared any of the  7 bank accounts, closed in 2013, with over 2 million lei and 29 000 euros. The following year he hadn’t declared any bank account again, even those opened in 2013.

The NIC and Vranceanu’s wealth

At the end of 2013 the National Anticorruption Center has asked the National Integrity Commission to check Ion Vranceanu’s wealth because there were assumptions that it was much bigger than declared one. The NIC found nothing and refused to start a check. This situation repeated in 2014.  The whole process was controlled by the same official as in 2013. The representatives of NIC said that the decision power belongs exclusively to the members of the Commission, but the executor is responsible only for the technical control.

Ion Vranceanu was investigated by the National Anticorruption Center because of illegal enrichment. The official was suspended from duty during the investigation. Ion Vrânceanu claimed that he is not guilty.

Vranceanu was recently acquitted by the trial court. The prosecutors announced they would challenge the acquittal at the Court of Appeals.

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