The Valiexchimp LLC director was involved in the theft of the century. He was detained by the NAC officers and the anticorruption prosecutors for the embezzlement related with the Banca de Economii case. He is investigated for fraudulently acquiring of a loan worth 1,25 million euro from Banca de Economii.

The suspect was detained for 72 hours.

The loan was registered while Grigore Gacikevici’s bank leadership. We remind that Gacikevici is accused of favoring the fraudulent credit worth over 2 million euro. Currently Gacikevici is detained. The Court of Appeals decided to extend the period his detention for another 30 days.

There are more cases in NAC related to the Banca de Economii: the fraudulent credits, the illegal appropriations of the property in especially large amounts, the violations of accounting rules, the abuse of power, the money laundering. There are many suspects arrested.

Overall, according to the National Anticorruption Center, there are 10 people accused, 3 – suspected, 3 others declared wanted.

In the Moldova Agroindbank fraud case are mentioned a member of the administrative council, his brother and a state official. They are accused of the fraudulent acquiring of the shares and the money laundering in especially large proportions. Currently, there are 19 cases in the courts over bank frauds.

The total amount of loans investigated by the NAC in the Banca de Economii case is 1 812 622 912 lei, $23 552 169, 32 414 517 euro. In the Banca Sociala case the amount of the investigated loans is 459 900 000 lei, 12 800 000 euro and $11 400 000.

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