The Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office, together with the National Anticorruption Center commenced 3 criminal cases on corruption, bribery and protectionism. The accused persons are employees of the Service of Internal Security and Corruption (SISC) of MIA.

The accused from the first criminal case demanded 100 000 lei from 5 persons involved in illegal currency exchange in January this year. In exchange for the money they promised not to attract them to penal responsibility. On the same day the accused received from the victims $ 4000.

In another case in November 2012 the police officers demanded 3000 euro from a foreign citizen, engaged in transportation of engines for motor boats. The accused officials have promised not to draw up a report of the smuggling and transport of goods without proper documents.

In the third case, it was found that a number of employees from SISC were involved in the activities of a criminal group specializing in the sale of drugs such as "heroin" in especially large scale. The officials are accused of corruption and protectionism of the criminal gang.

On May, 18 in the framework of the penal cases were conducted 23 searches in the homes and offices of the accused persons.

The news web-site reported that on May, 18  were also were arrested 3 SISC MIA employees. We are talking about Igor Melnik, Dumitru Rusu and Dumitru Daskel.

The anti-corruption prosecutor Viorel Morar confirmed the arrest of three officers on the case of drug trafficking and 2 employees in another case, in which appears the deputy head of SISC Adrian Margina. Morar said that there is actually no evidence of direct Margina’s involvement in the criminal scheme. This follows from the testimony of 2 officers detained and their recognition of guilt.

adrian (Adrian Margina)

Currently, anti-corruption prosecutors, employees of the MIA and NAC interrogate the suspects, conduct confrontations, hearings and take testimony of the victims.

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