Another official from the penitentiary system of the Republic of Moldova appears in the media materials. The resourse recently published an article about the deputy director of the Department of Penitentiary Institutions (DPI) Igor Guja, who bought a new apartment in the capital after being a director of the National Agency of the Road Transport (NART) for 1 year and 8 months, receiving a salary of 35 000 lei per month. 

Earlier we published an article about the property of the former deputy director of the Department of Penitentiary Institutions (DPI) Petru Birka. During the investigation it was found that former and current deputy director of the DPI purchased property, the cost of which significantly exceeds their official income.

The apartment worth 620,361 lei while the the income is about 436,813 lei

Igor Guja is currently the director of the DPI. He came to the institution after 2 years in NART where he received 3 times higher salary in comparision with the current place of work. Guja previously worked at the National Anticorruption Center and the State Enterprise "Moldova Railways".

Guja worked in NART since January 2014 and in 2015, according to the declaration of income and property, he bought an apartment in Chisinau worth 620,361 lei, while his income amounted 436 813 lei. 

Igor Guja affirmed to Moldova Curata that he bought the apartment by gaining income from salaries, especially from NART. The difference between the value of the apartment and his official income was fulfilled by the money collected in past 10 years, from different positions, and with the help of parents.

The deputy Head of DPI also declares a car Mazda and shares in some companies.

The link between Igor Guja and Vladimir Cebotari

Moldova Curata writes that the career growth of Igor Guja is tied with the activity of the current Minister of Justice Vladimir Cebotari. At the time when Chebotari was deputy minister of transport and road infrastructure, Guja in a short period of time passed many positions of leadership in NART, which is subordinated to the Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure. In January 2014 Guja became vice-director of the institution; in November 2014 – deputy director; in April 2015 an interim, and in May - the director. Guja served as director of NART until August 2015, and in October of the same year he was appointed deputy Ddrector of the DPI, a few months after Chebotari became Minister of Justice. Guja and Chebotari worked together in the State Enterprise " Moldova Railways ".

Valerie Baciu is the current director of NART. Baciu has declared 6 plots of land, 2 houses and an apartment, the cost of which isn't noticed. The official owns also a car worth 380,000 lei. ZDG mentioned Baciu in the article about the purchase of luxury apartments from the former Minister of Internal Affairs Nicolae Bradulov. Baciu at that time was the manager of a transport company JSC Transservice, which sued in 2008 with the Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure and the wife of one of the judges from the Court of Appeals of Chisinau.

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