The principle of the Vocational School no. 10 from Chisinau, Sergiu Gribovanu, accused of stealing salaries from employees' cards, was fined. According to the decision of the Chişinău District Court on August 15, Gribovanu was ordered to pay a fine of 150,000 lei and was also deprived of the right to hold public office for a period of 3 years.

Moreover, following the sentence, the court ordered to raise the seizure on the amounts found at the official's house and office, namely 9020 euros, 182 dollars, 1159 lei Romanian lei and 17300 MDL.

sentinta.PNGSergiu Gribovanu was found guilty that during one year, while holding the position of director of the Vocational School no. 10 of the capital, fictitiously employed more people. Subsequently, the defendant took their cards and raised the wages for his benefit. The victims were offered only small sums so that they would not complain.

In particular, the official chose people with poor financial status, making sure that they will not complain.

Gribovanu recognized his blame. The civil servant voluntarily recovered the damage caused to the state in the total amount of about 63 thousand lei before being convicted.

The director of the vocational institution was arrested in mid-March, along with his wife, suspected of complicity. It was later established that the woman did not participate in the crime.

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