A man from Ungheni city accused of corruption was detained by the officers of the Service for Internal Protection and the anticorruption department in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to one of the employee of the Frontier Police, the accused man made an attempt to bribe the frontiersman. He wanted to leave Moldova with a large quantity of cigarettes. The man proposed the frontiersman 60 euro for each block of cigarettes.

The person was detained in flagrant delicti the previous evening in the Petreshti village, Ungheni district, in the moment of transmitting a bribe of 450 euro for a free pass of the frontier with 5000 packages of cigarettes.

At the moment the accused is detained for 72 hours and placed in the isolation ward of the preliminary arrest.

The criminal risks to get 6 years of prison and to pay a fine of 80 thousand lei.

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