The former head of the Banca de Economii Grigore Gacikevici’s detention was prolonged for another 30 days. It is the Buiucani District Court decision.

The former head of the Banca de Economii Grigore Gacikevici is accused of the violations of the rules of crediting while he was ruling the bank.

On the base of evidences collected by the prosecutors and the NAC investigators there were initiated several criminal cases that were merged according to the art. 239 of the Penal Code. If Grigore Gacikevici is found guilty of the violations of the crediting rules, he can be sentenced to imprisonment up to 7 years.

Meanwhile, the Ziarul National writes that the Romanian member of the European Parliament Norica Nicolai, who’s the member of the EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee, was deeply outraged by the Banca de Economii case investigation. The MEP, who took part in a TV-show on the TVR Moldova said that "something is wrong with this case" because the former Prime Minister Vlad Filat is in prison, but the mayor of Orhei city Ilan Shor, who has admitted his guilt, now manages the public money:

norica-nicolai1.jpgAs for me, something is wrong with this case. I can admit that politicians may participate or encourage crimes. I wonder: there are suspicions about the involvement of other people, then why they aren’t investigated? That's the question I always ask myself.

We remind you that Ilan Shor was detained by the National Anticorruption Center on May 6, 2015. He spent some time under house arrest and later ran for the mayor of Orhei elections. In October 2015 he wrote the self-denunciation where he admitted he stole money from the Banca de Economii and later offered 250 million dollars to the former Prime Minister Vlad Filat, who is in custody for over 7 months. Ilan Shor continues to manage his business and leading Orhei city.

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