The National Anti-Corruption Center of Moldova (NAC) examines the cases of 17 judges, who took illegal orders and were implicated in corruption actions in 2014-2015. According to the NAC report, 8 cases were transmitted to the courts, three of the continued: three judges were condemned, one of them later appealed.

A judge from the Bender Court of Appeals, Nikolai Nogai, was sentenced to 3 years of prison, after he assisted in the transfer of shares of Moldova Agroindbank. In order to do this he unreasonably legalized the decision of the arbitration tribunal of St. Petersburg.



The other two judges were accused of passive corruption: a judge from Kriuleni city, Elena Roibu, together with a lawyer demanded 2,000 euro for the acquitment of two criminals. For this they get 8 and 7.5 years of prison.

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George Popa from Teleneshti city withdrew the application from the case materials on receiving bribe from the lawyer of accused person. Popa got 7 years of prison, but appealed to the Chishinau Court of Appeals and was released soon, said



According to the report in the 2014-2015 NAC reviewed 51 cases of corruption in the judicial system.

The fact that the level of corruption in Moldova is very high, is proved by sociological researches, for example, by a study of the Independent Agency of Sociology and Information «OPINIA», which states that 96.7% of the population believe in the corruption of judges. People prefer to solve personal issues privately, that leads to a further increase of the level of corruption.

There are, however, good news: the latest poll held by the Center for Sociological Researches «CBX-AXA» at the request of the Legal Resources Center of Moldova shows that judges themselves say the level of corruption reduced comparing with 2011. 8% of them  believes that the level has increased, and 20% – that there is no corruption in the judicial system of Moldova. The survey shows that the Judicial Reform, adopted 4 years ago, effectively works.

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