Three members of a criminal group have been detained for 72 hours for fraudulent flow of funds and money laundering through several businesses.

According to the police, a 39-year-old resident of Busila village, Ungheni District, managed a chain of businesses. He, along with two other residents of Ungheni, aged 35 and 37, withdrew cash funds from bank accounts of the companies under the pretext of procuring agricultural products. In fact, the purchase documents were falsified and the money taken from the bank accounts of businesses was used to procure agricultural products from various farms, without drawing up invoices or acts of purchase. Subsequently, false invoices were drown up for the goods purchased with cash and sent to companies that process and export the goods.

The criminal group managed to give a legal and real aspect to the fictitious transactions, by providing invoices to companies exporting and processing grain products.

Following the transactions, the estimated amount of VAT on the supplies of the companies exceeded 9 million dollars.

With respect to this case, on 30 November, the police conducted nine searches in the homes, cars, as well as in the offices of individuals and companies involved in the criminal scheme.

Following the searches, the police found and seized stamps, grain procurement documents with obviously distorted data, copies of identity cards of people, indicated in those documents, notebooks with records, attesting the criminal activity, electronic storage media with information on the turnover of goods and cash that is not reflected in the books, documents attesting lack of grain on the balance of the enterprise, invoices and contracts, stipulating that it was stored in Comrat.

Being interviewed, the employees of the companies involved in the criminal scheme, confessed that the economic events reflected on the books were fake and that they, at the request of the leader of the criminal group, distorted the data on the actual activities of the enterprises.

If found guilty, the persons detained risk a fine of 150 000 to 250 000 lei or imprisonment for up to six years.

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