Vlad Filat will stay another month behind bars. The prosecutor's decision makes more and more members of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) to leave party

LDP leader will stand for another 30 days in custody. The Buiucani district court extended on March 29 the arrest of Vlad Filat, who is now investigated in a bank fraud case.

The prosecutor Adriana Betis argues that the decision was made by the fact that the defendant attempted to influence the witnesses: "we got some correspondence that indicated that the accused tried to influence persons invited to the hearing. There are new evidence that justify the further extension of preventive measure".

LDP leader's lawyer, Igor Popa, denies this and states that the decision is baseless one: "The court has decided to extend the arrest for another 30 days. The decision is baseless. The reason of the arrest is a message on Facebook. The law clearly says that the extension of detention happens only if new evidence appear. This message isn’t an evidence. So the conclusion is baseless. How can Filat intimidate witnesses through Facebook? It is a political case. Filat won’t get a fair trial".

Filat.pngThe first witness was invited to the hearings in the case of Filat. This is Tudor Negru, a head of security of the Mayor of Orhei Ilan Shor.

Tudor Negru appears in the statement of Shor in October 2015: "There are 400 000 euro for Tudor Negru on Unibank account opened in the name of my security chief. The bank cards with this amount were transmitted  to Vlad Filat and he sent them to his children, who are abroad, where they spent money. This can be confirmed by Tudor Negru ".

More posts on Filat’s page on Facebook

After the sentence on the Facebook page of the former prime minister was published a message about the first conclusions of the Kroll report describing the evidence of the Ilan Shor’s involvement in the theft of billion.

Thus the administrator of the page mentions that the message was posted in order the prosecutors notice it after the message of National Bank of Moldova.

mesaj Filat.pngSource: www.facebook.com/Vlad Filat

Many posts appeared last week on the page of Filat. The defendant reacted to statements made by Shor at a press conference, where Shor mentioned that he was constrained by the former premier to give hopeless loans. Thus the message published by Vlad Filat denies this: "... We must mention that the statements made by the mayor of Orhei at the press conference are false. All documents and evidence gathered by prosecutors in the case against Mr. Filat indicate that the money was provided by the Banca de Economii through intermediaries – companies owned by Ilan Shor. These facts are exposed in the Kroll report. There is no connection between Mr. Shor’s companies and Vlad Filat ".

Although he is not allowed to talk to journalists after sentencing, Filat managed to tell the media that has not been visited by Vladimir Plahotniuc, as the leader of Our Party Renato Usatiy said. Moreover, Filat said that Usatiy minds.

We remember that on Monday, March 28, the leader of Our Party Renato Usatiy said in a press conference that Plahotniuc visited Filat in the penitentiary №13 and promised him that he will be released in April. This happened, said Usatiy, after the leader of LDP threatened Plahotniuc, saing that he will post more compromising documents about him.

Vladimir Plahotniuc has not commented these statements.

People leave LDP

After the prosecutor's decision to extend the arrest of LDP leader for another 30 days, on Wednesday, March 30, several officials who were a part of this fraction announced that they left the fraction for Democratic Party.

They claimed they were disappointed because of some party leaders’ involvement in corrupt schemes.

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