A new attempt to smuggle tobacco products was reversed. The employees of "North" mobile teams Department and of the Internal Security Directorate arrested a catch of 100,000 cigarettes intended for sale in the Community space, with an expected profit of about 15 000 euro.

The detained goods were transported by a Romanian citizen, aged 43 years. The vehicle driven by him was subject to verification and it involved the dog of the Customs Service, Mark, who signaled the presence of tobacco in several hidden places. After dismantling them the customs inspectors discovered 98 000 cigarettes of various brands.

The case was registered on July 23 at the customs post Lipcani, following the verification of operative information on the smuggling activity carried out by a group of Romanian citizens. 

Research continues on this case in order to identify all persons involved in the smuggling activity. The suspects can be punished by imprisonment for a term of 3 to 10 years.

Cahul customs inspectors also discovered 4.140 undeclared cigarettes. The tobacco products were hidden in the spare wheel, air filter and glove compartment of a car, driven by a citizen of Romania, aged 27 years.

The cigarettes that were found are detained in order to be seized and the offender must pay a fine of 3000 lei.
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