Two criminal groups specialized in smuggling of sugar and grapes were unmasked by the Prosecutor for Organized Crime Combat and Special Causes, together with the employees of the Border Service. Seven people from these groups, including an employee of NAFS, are prosecuted.

According to law enforcement, in September, three Moldovans smuggled from Ukraine to Moldova, a consignment of 20 tons of sugar, which was to be repackaged and sold on the domestic market as merchandise of local origin. In order to achieve the plan of the crime, the defendants transported the sugar, packed in 400 bags, on the territory controlled by the Transnistrian authorities after they removed the labels with information on the manufacturer and country of origin of goods. Later, after receiving a business administrator from the capital documents certifying that the sugar, worth MDL 252 thousand, is of local origin, the consignment was to be transported to Chisinau for marketing. Avoiding internal border posts while traveling on the route Anenii Noi - Chisinau, the truck with smuggled goods was stopped for inspection by employees of mobile teams of the Border Service, which confiscated the lot of sugar and the means of transport with which it was being transported.

Also in July-September 2016, the other three individuals brought from Turkey, alsi by smuggling about 20 tons of fresh grapes, then by repackaging and reissuing illegal acts, which certified that the goods are of local origin. The consignment was to be exported to the Russian Federation. Detainees obtained fraudulently, from a division of NAFS, a phytosanitary certificate with false information on the origin of the goods, which was annexed to the declaration for export of grapes with a turnover of over USd 14.000. Following a border check made at the border post in the Russian Federation in the lot of grapes Turkish, repacked to be Moldovan, was discovered the virus "FrankliniellaoccidentalisPerg", and later, upon entering the country through the border post "Tudora", the means of transport with infected grapes was detained by employees of the Border Service.

In the 2 cases, were blamed 7 people. They are currently researched in the state of house arrest and risk a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.

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