A panel of judges from Tiraspol sentenced on Thursday, November 17th  Ivan Besprozvannîi, to eight months in prison for evading to pay the alimony.

The Tiraspol court had repeatedly demanded Besprozvannîi in 2015 to pay 600 Transnistrian rubles (about 50 US dollars) to support his son from his second marriage. However, the man ignored the court’s decision and in such a way, has gained a debt of of 14 000 Transnistrian rubles.

He dad a similar situation with his two children from his first marriage. According to the decision of Slobozia court, the man had to pay monthly a certain amount of money since 2010, which he did not, and in such a way gained a debt of 10 000 Transnistrian rubles.

Thus, the Tiraspol City Court found him guilty of evasion from payment of alimony and condemned him for both cases,to eight months of detention.

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