A Moldovan citizen was caught in the act and detained at the border, trying to illegally transport in Romania, 6.500 packs of cigarettes with excise stamps of the Republic of Moldova. For the arrest of the young man, which is his second attempt of this kind, border guards were forced to use gunfire.

The young man, along with others was noticed by border guards, accompanied by parcel on 13th September, at around 23.20, by special thermovision devices. During the raid on the scene, people threw the packets and tried to become invisible by taking advantage of darkness and dense vegetation in the area. For their detention, border guards were forced to fire two warning shots.

Soon, only one person from the group was caught. From primary research it was established that this is a Moldovan citizen, aged 25 years, villager of Ustia, Dubasari. According to law enforcement officers, the young man is not in his first offense of the law, in 2012 he tried to illegally cross the border with contraband cigarettes.

In the place where the ambush took place, Border Police officers found five packages. Inside them were detected 1500 packs of cigarettes "Rothmans" and 5000 - "Ashima", worth about MDL 65 thousand. The cigarettes were found and taken and stored at the headquarters of the Regional Directorate VEST.

The person caught was detained for 72 hours. If found guilty, he risks imprisonment from 3 to 10 years for smuggling.

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