20 tons of sugar from Ukraine have been detected by intelligence services of the Border. The merchandise, of undocumented provenance, was supposed to be introduced in Moldova by evading border control.

Detention took place near the town Anenii Noi, following the verification of a information on smuggling activity carried out by a group of countrymen through the Transnistrian segment. The lot sugar which was packed in 400 bags of 50 kg each, was discovered by border officers in a cargo compartment of a truck.

It was driven by a Moldovan citizen aged 41. According to markings on the packaging, it was found that the goods transported come from Ukraine and would be sold on the local market.

According to first estimates, the sugar value exceeds MDL 250.000.

In the special investigative measures were arrested two more members of the group, who were placed in the detention of Police Department of Chisinau within 72 hours. If proven guilty, the persons involved risk imprisonment from 3 to 10 years for smuggling.

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